Say Goodbye to Yellow Cracked Toenail Fungus

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So, you’ve got some seriously discolored toenails. People have told you that you have toenail fungus under them. But they don’t hurt, so you don’t see the need to treat it. It’ll probably go away on its own, right?

Uh, no. Toenail fungus will not leave the premises unless shown the door by treatment.

Why bother? Because it won’t go away on its own, toenail fungus can get worse. You may have it on one toe. Before you know it, it can spread to adjacent toes. And while it may not be painful now, that’s no guarantee that it won’t become painful down the road. In fact, fungal nails often crack, peel and fall off if left unattended.

At the Laser Center of Maryland we have a great weapon in the war on toenail fungus — our Cool Touch Laser.  Treatment is safe, effective and comfortable.

A few myths about fungal infections

  • Harmless. No, it needs to be addressed. If your immune system isn’t in full fighting mode, the infection could spread to other parts of your body.
  • You won’t get it if you wear nail polish. Untrue. Nail polish actually traps moisture under the nail, creating a prime environment for toenail fungus.
  • I can cure it with a drugstore remedy. Doubtful. Toenail fungus, like your mother-in-law, is stubborn. There are plenty of supposed cures, but our laser actually works.
  • You can’t get it from others. Nope. Showers, pools, hotel rooms, locker rooms are all fungus friendly. Wear shower shoes.

How do you know if you have a fungal infection?

Toenail fungus shows itself with color and changes in nail texture. Nails can turn yellow, white or brown, get thick or thin in texture, and can crack.   Your feet may also smell worse due to fungus. It is just not a pretty sight.

Who gets it?

Your odds of having a fungal nail or two increases as you age.  As many as 90% of older people have toenail fungus. Don’t believe it, just take a look at the toenails soaking in your favorite salon!  Men are more likely to get infected than women.  However, ladies, A nail salon that does not follow scrupulous cleaning procedures for their tubs puts you at risk for an infection.

Zap the fungus

You do not have to put up with toenail fungus.  Zap it. Come to see us at the Laser Center of Maryland and we’ll target that toenail with our Cool Touch laser. The laser gently heats the fungus under the nail, and the fungi don’t like that sort of treatment. The fungus dies because it needs lower temperatures to survive.  Higher temperatures are not their friends. Our Cool Touch zapping usually banishes the fungus, but your healthy nail needs time to grow out. People with resistant fungal infections may need more than one treatment.

Just say NO to cracked and discolored nails. Call us at the Laser Center of Maryland, 410-544-4600, and let’s zap it. Consultations are free.

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