Using Lasers to Lessen Your Scars

Image of a person's abdomen area with the person's finger pointing at a large diagonal scar on the abdomen.

At the Laser Center of Maryland we use lasers to improve your skin in a number of different areas. This includes lessening the appearance of scars. Our laser treatments flatten scars, lighten their red coloration, and help normalize your skin tone and texture. We use a variety of Laser Scar Removal lasers depending on your skin type, the thickness of the scar, and its age.

Different lasers for different approaches

Our expertise with lasers pays off for scar removal. Lasers used for Laser Scar Removal are anything but a one-size-fits-all type of instrument. For instance, for stretch marks from pregnancy we flatten and improve their color with either the PulseDye Laser, the CoolTouch Laser, or with fractional laser resurfacing.

We usually begin a scar treatment with the PulseDye Laser. This laser flattens the scar because it eliminates the enlarged, trapped blood vessels within the scar itself. A series of adjacent nonoverlapping laser pulses are delivered across the entire scar breadth. The scar’s size, thickness, location, and color, as well as the patient’s skin type, determine the energy density that we use during the session.

We use Er:YAG lasers to effectively vaporize scar tissue. We find this option to be much more precise than dermabrasion, a common alternative. In this vaporization of the scar tissue, the epidermis and a portion of the dermis may be removed. We generally match the depth of the laser penetration to the approximate depth of the scar. The skin that grows back to replace the vaporized tissue will be less red and raised than that of the initial scar.

Fractional resurfacing, where we penetrate the skin with thousands of microscopic holes, leaving the skin surrounding those holes intact, is also effective for a variety of scars. It not only breaks down the tissues that are creating binding, but fractional resurfacing encourages the body to produce new collagen in the treatment area.

As a preventive treatment of sorts, at the Laser Center of Maryland we also treat cosmetic surgery incisions with our PulseDye Laser immediately following the removal of sutures. This dramatically lessens the subsequent appearance of the scars from the surgery.

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