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BroadBand Light

Our newest technology offers our client’s a FAST way to fight against skin aging. The MOXI laser can be used in tandem with Broadband Light (BBL) treatment or solo. It’s not only fast, it is comfortable with little to no downtime!

An interesting skin fact: 71% of people want better skin tone and texture. We see this all the time at the Laser Center of Maryland. Our clients tell us that their skin looks tired or that their skin color is dull and muddy. We also get told that their skin looks rough and bumpy. If this is you, our MOXI/HERO system is your first step towards skin that is radian

HERO Broadband Light for fast treatment of body sun damage

The HERO Broadband LightSource(BBL)resides on the same machineas the Thulium Laser. It offers an exciting way to quickly treatsun damage, age spots, and skin discoloration on the arms, legs, shoulders and back.Our clinicians can repair your entire body in just a little over an hour. It is designed to work fast for people who have busy schedules, but that does NOT mean it is any less effective. Forever Body BBL will show improvement with one treatment. A series of three body treatments is even more dramatic. You can expect radiant skin with a system that gives you better tone (improved color) and texture.

MOXI Laser corrects sun damage and signs of aging

Uneven skin coloration, brown spots and redness are all signs of sun damage. Changes in skin texture such as roughness or bumpy skin are early indictors of aging skin.Not to worry, the MOXI Thulium Laser provides a fast and little-to-no downtime solution for refreshing and resetting the skin. The treatment impacts the deeper layers of the skin. This causes collagen to remodel and thicken which leads to smoother fresher skin. The Thulium Laser also reduces melasma. It is the ultimate tool for fighting the early signs of aging.

Our doctors offer FREE consultations to help you determine how much treatment might be necessary. They examine you and advise you.

Yes, and this combining of treatments combats a variety of skin issues. You will see that these two procedures complement each other in what they accomplish.

Your most important aftercare tip is to stay out of the sun while healing. We have medical grade gentle skin cleansers and moisturizers that we recommend that you use for several days following treatment. Ask our medical team to show these to you. You can apply makeup 24 hours after treatment.

Our clinicians prescribe a lidocaine cream that is applied one hour before treatment begins. It is specially compounded to keep you comfortable. Our nurses report that their patients remain comfortable during treatment. Following treatment, we can apply a cooling and hydrating mask that you wear for two hours for maximal post treatment comfort.

You will experience some redness and mild swelling for 24-48 hours. The Thulium laser may cause light peeling for a day or two. You are fairly presentable after 24hours and you can apply makeup.

Love Yourself. Inside and Out

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Dr. Mallalieu practices cosmetic surgery at the Laser Center of Maryland in Severna Park. He brings the innovation of 90210 to 21146 and beyond!

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

A pioneer in the field of laser surgery, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp has provided patients with the latest in laser technology since 1989.


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Get your face treated with this powerful duo for $900.00.  You get Broadband Light + MOXI Laser Treatment to smooth skin, to effectively treat sun damage and skin discoloration, to reduce wrinkles, and to improve skin texture.  

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