Rosacea-common but manageable

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Rosacea is a common disease that tends to run in families, and frequently affects people with fair skin who blush easily according to WebMD.   Those afflicted experience redness and flushing on their cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.   Small bumps and pimples can appear on reddened areas of the face. Some people experience rosacea in the conjunctiva of the eyes, which causes burning and irritation according to Ross VanAntwerp, D.O., MPH.

Nobody knows for sure what causes rosacea. Exercise, sun exposure, heat, alcohol and spicy foods can provoke a flare-up. Alcohol abuse does not cause rosacea but it may cause symptoms to erupt (

Signs and symptoms


  • Flushing-often first sign of rosacea
  • Hyper-reactivity to triggers
  • Sustained redness due to dilation of tiny blood vessels
  • Small spots and pustules
  • Inflamed small blood vessels that look like spiderwebs
  • Bumpy, thickened and red skin on the nose

Several treatments exist for rosacea. Oral antibiotics such as tetracycline, minocycline and erythromycin help to control inflammation. Medical grade skin care products designed to reduce redness can be applied to the skin. Broadband Light and carbon dioxide laser treatment knock out the appearance of spidery blood vessels, improve skin coloration and help to shrink and repair an enlarged bulbous nose. Patients should also try to avoid known triggers and stress.

The Laser Center of Maryland offers Broadband Light as an effective tool to control redness and to improve the pustules that often occur. Dr. VanAntwerp uses the UltraPulse Laser to resurface and reduce inflamed bulbous thickened tissue on the nose and cheeks. Laser treatment is in-office, safe, and gives excellent cosmetic results. Call 410-544-4600 for a FREE consultation.

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