Quick Skin Refresh with Erbium Laser

Watch Laser Center of Maryland’s Dr. Ross VanAntwerp use their Erbium Laser to reduce sun damage and give this patient’s skin a quick refresh.


Doctor: Hello, I’m Dr. Ross VanAntwerp. Today we’re doing a 10-micron peel with the Erbium Laser. It’s a quick refresh. It removes sun damage. It brightens up the skin. Helps even with fine lines and wrinkles and very quick recovery.

Patient: I feel great now that it’s done. The only part that was a little bit sensitive was just in the eye region, and in the scalp, but everything else, I barely felt it. It was super easy. Way better than I expected, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Assistant: So you know you need to stay out of the sun?

Patient: Mhm-hmm… Stay out of the sun, and I’ll keep it moisturized, keep it moist, and it should heal pretty quickly, just a few days.

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