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Medi-Spa Services

Liquid Gold Facial

Our nurses provide a beautiful treatment that benefits your skin with small amounts of Versa Dermal Filler + Dysport.  These beneficial products are delivered via micro-needling into the very top layers of your skin.  Other dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm can be used upon request.  The products are micro-needled over your entire face and neck in approximately 20 minutes of time. 

One hour prior to treatment you apply a lidocaine cream to your face/neck. This ensures your comfort. The nurse prepares your treatment by measuring out small amounts of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. They place the products in the micro-needling device for application in your skin. The product is then injected into your skin through 20 very fine needles. It is fast, effective, and comfortable.

You will experience some redness for up to one day. Some people have dry spots for a day or two as well. The next experience will be beautiful skin!

Yes! Glutathione is another product that can be mixed in with the dermal filler and neurotoxin (Dysport). Glutathione is often called the “mother of all antioxidants.” Exposure to everyday toxins causes the body to use up Glutathione faster than it can be produced. Antioxidants repair and prevent the damage and inflammation caused by toxins.

Glutathione works by helping to clear the body of the toxins and the free radicals that cause hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, and acne.

Also, vitamin B-12 can be added to the cocktail to aid in reducing acne, and to increase skin hydration. Each of these additional products are something that you can ask about and our clinicians will advise you.

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Dr. Jared Mallalieu

Dr. Mallalieu practices cosmetic surgery at the Laser Center of Maryland in Severna Park. He brings the innovation of 90210 to 21146 and beyond!

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

A pioneer in the field of laser surgery, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp has provided patients with the latest in laser technology since 1989.

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Food Cravings Strike Quickly

A craving is a strong desire or urge for a specific food that strikes quickly.  Sometimes it feels out-of-control and presents as an urgent need. 


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