Medi-Spa Services

IV Infusions

Wellness IV infusions and intramuscular Shots

Our IV/IM Therapy will help you maximize your wellness. This treatment allows you to replenish vital vitamins and nutrients, hydrate and cleanse your body and maximize your performance. During your consultation our providers will lay out a therapy plan based on your goals. Our IV lines include a full complement of infusions to treat many conditions. Our recovery infusion is perfect post workout or post operative purposes. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals for healing and includes branch chained amino acids. Our Rejuvenation infusion is great for boosting immunity and includes the super power antioxidant glutathione.

Additionally, we offer a Weight and Wellness infusion which mobilizes the metabolism using MIC-B12.

Intramuscular (IM) shots for those on the GO

For those who are in a hurry, we also offer IM therapy. These single injections can help boost immunity or aid in post workout recovery. Our GOAL and ALIV injections provide key ammino acids to promote muscle growth and development and speed recovery!

Four IV therapies to maximize your health

Recovery Infusion with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is perfect after a hard workout or for recuperating from surgery or illness.

Wellness infusion with vitamins, minerals, and MIC-B12 to improve your health from the inside out, and to aid in revving up the metabolism with B12.

Hydration infusion loaded with vitamins and minerals to boost your overall health.

Rejuvenation infusion with vitamins, minerals, and the addition of 200 mg glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant to help every organ system function better. It also is an excellent antiaging ingredient for beautiful skin!

Three IM shots to increase health, energy, and wound healing

Goal Shot aids in muscle recovery, repair of the gut, and to provide a boost to your immunity. It contains glutamine, ornithine, L-arginine and Lysine.

Aliv Shot promotes weight loss, tissue repair and wound healing, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and increases mental sharpness.

Glutathione shot reduces chronic inflammation and helps to boost the immune system. It is the “Master antioxidant” involved in all organ systems to help the body remove toxins, and it limits the effect of aging on the skin.

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