Eastern Shore Mint Thread Lift

Mint Thread Lift gives immediate lift to sagging skin!

The Mint Thread Lift provides an exciting new way to treat sagging skin on the face and neck. FDA approved Mint Threads are specially designed to be fixated (attached) to sagging areas of the skin and then pulled to firm and tighten loose skin. These threads address the problems caused by diminishing collagen and elastin. The aging body fails to produce these proteins fast enough which leads to sagging skin and the emergence of wrinkles. Mint Threads continue to stimulate collagen production after they are broken down and absorbed. After treatment, you will see an immediate improvement in your appearance.

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Our New Eastern Shore Location
Inside Studio 107 Hair Salon!

Common areas for lifting are the lower face, eyebrows, the temple area, the cheeks, and various areas of the neck.  This is something that our medical expert would discuss with you.  Each thread lift is individualized to the needs of the client.

Threads break down slowly over a period of 6-8 months into water and carbon dioxide, but a special coating on the threads continue to stimulate the production of collagen after threads are absorbed.  Your immediate improvement can last for up to one year.

Our medical professionals want you to be comfortable during treatment.  They will inject a lidocaine numbing solution into the thread insertion sites before inserting the threads.  You will also be comfortable following treatment, but you may experience a feeling of tightness where threads were placed for a few days. 

The threads are FDA approved which means they can be considered safe and effective.  The product is made out of a material composed of sugar polydioxanone (PDO).  These threads have been used in orthopedic and cardiovascular surgeries for more than 30 years.  There are tiny barbs placed on the threads which anchor into position in sagging skin.  Threads are then maneuvered to provide the desired lift.

  • Immediate results that last for up to a year
  • A non-surgical approach to sagging skin that avoids scarring
  • Continued production of collagen after absorption
  • A one- hour procedure with minimal downtime
  • Beautiful and natural result


Dermal fillers and neurotoxins like Botox pair nicely with thread lifts.  Fillers add volume, neurotoxins relax deep lines and wrinkles, and Mint Threads correct drooping skin.  Your medical professional will help you decide on the best use of injectables in your care. 

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Dr. Jared Mallalieu

Dr. Mallalieu practices cosmetic surgery at the Laser Center of Maryland in Severna Park. He brings the innovation of 90210 to 21666 and beyond!

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

A pioneer in the field of laser surgery, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp has provided patients with the latest in laser technology since 1989.

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