Lighting Up Rosacea

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Rosacea is common, yet vastly misunderstood condition. This skin condition is characterized by facial redness, bumps, and eye irritation. It affects people of all ages, but often the person has no idea they have a skin condition; they just believe either their skin is overly sensitive or they blush easily.

At the Laser Center of Maryland, we have great success using broadband light to treat rosacea.

What causes rosacea?

The exact causes of rosacea are still somewhat of a mystery. There are certain factors that seem to point to a genetic tendency. Sun exposure, and certain food, drinks, and medications can dilate the blood vessels and lead to a breakout.

It tends to occur in the facial areas prone to blushing. Triggers that cause rosacea flare-ups are emotional factors such as stress and anxiety, weather changes, sun exposure, alcohol consumption, exercise, and eating spicy foods.

It typically shows up around the age of 30, is more common in those with fair skin, and follows a family history pattern. The outbreaks often show up on the chin in women and on the nose for men.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

Rosacea comes and goes without warning. The person’s skin may stay clear for months, and then a sudden eruption occurs. A flare-up involves facial redness, blushing, burning, red bumps, and little cysts. In some people, their normal skin tone will not return after an outbreak, remaining reddened in the area for the future. Rosacea doesn’t go away by itself.

Rosacea Treatment

The standard treatments for rosacea have involved prescription topical creams and oral antibiotics and steroids, but many people are reluctant to resort to these treatments due to possible side effects.

At the Laser Center of Maryland, we use Broadband Light (BBL) therapy to treat rosacea and have found it to be very effective. We first apply a liquid to the outbreak areas; that liquid is then activated by the BBL. This approach reduces inflammation and improves skin texture. It does this by addressing the dilated blood vessels that are the cause of the persistent redness and flushing typical of rosacea. Patients respond to from one to three BBL treatments.

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