Does tattoo removal work?

laser tattoo removal

At Laser Center of Maryland, we have been successfully and effectively performing laser tattoo removal for years. And yes, after your treatments with us, your tattoo will vanish! You will get a good cosmetic result. The procedure is fairly simple and we take great measures to ensure your comfort. The doctors prescribe a strong topical lidocaine to be applied 50 minutes prior to procedure, and they also locally inject lidocaine in sensitive areas.

Image of a persons back with an EMT symbol tattoo next to an image of the persons back after the tattoo is removed.

How Does it Work?

The laser works by calibrating the wavelength to target specific colors in the tattoo. The laser emits a very short pulse of intense light that is attracted to chromophore (color). Laser light causes the pigment of the tattoo to essentially fragment. These tiny particles of pigment are absorbed by your body and excreted.

How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

Laser tattoo removal at Laser Center of Maryland typically takes six treatments, but this is just a baseline. Tattoos with resistant colors can take more time. The recovery after each treatment is three to four days. Just as when you got the tattoo, we suggest that you use an over-the-counter topical antibiotic cream to protect sensitive skin and to aid in recovery. Treatments occur once monthly. However, we do have methods of accelerating removal for those going into the military, or for policemen. Another important point is that we have multiple lasers for removing tattoos. Some lasers remove specific resistant colors. Our center also has technology safe for all skin types. Our doctors carefully choose what technology to use based on your skin type and on the colors in your artwork.

What is the Recovery Like?

The cost to receive laser tattoo removal is completely determined by the size and the colors of your artwork. As previously mentioned, some colors are more resistant and may require more time and treatments for complete removal.

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