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Are wrinkles gender dependent?

By July 9, 2011 No Comments

fraxel1nov08_after fraxel1nov08_beforeAccording to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, women have more wrinkles than men. Researchers from the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands, compared wrinkle severity in the upper lip region of male and female cadavers. Females showed a higher number of wrinkles, and deeper wrinkles, than their male counterparts. The study also performed a histologic analysis on the skin of males and females. Men had a higher number of sebaceous (oil) glands, along with more blood vessels. The study suggested that this finding might explain the difference.

Certainly, wrinkle formation entails more than your gender. Avoiding over exposure to the sun and smoking, along with using good skin care products are also important factors. And, if you do happen to see a few wrinkles in the mirror, you can always schedule a free consultation at the Laser Center of Maryland!

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