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What’s a keratosis?

By July 17, 2014 No Comments
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Now that bathing suit weather is upon us and skin is exposed, you may have noticed some unsightly brown or black growths on your skin. A Seborrheic Keratosis is a common, harmless growth, which develops on the skin.  You often see them on the face, neck, trunk and hands.  Too much time in the sun enhances the development of these lesions.  Typically they are brown or black, but may be non-pigmented or pale in color as well. While they are usually non-cancerous, they can be quite irritating.

These lesions can be removed by a variety of methods such as freezing, surgical removal, and acid based compounds applied to the skin.   Surgery frequently causes scarring and the compounds can damage surrounding skin.   At the Laser Center of Maryland, we prefer to remove keratosis by using an operating microscope attached to a laser. Laser energy allows the doctors to safely vaporize the lesions, without damaging the surrounding or underlying tissue. The cosmetic result is excellent, and no stitches are needed.

You should always check your skin for keratoses, moles and growths changing in size, shape, color, or for failure to heal when irritated.  Summer is an especially good time to notice your skin and the condition of those you love.  For a free skin check, or to inquire about having your keratosis removed, call the Laser Center of Maryland at 410-544-4600.