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What about the scar?

By June 23, 2011 No Comments

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions during my consultations. Everyone wants to know what the scar is going to look like. Truth be told, there are many things that determine what a scar will ultimately look like – genetics, environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking, and surgical technique. According to some recently published data, the use of many over the counter scar products may be of little or no benefit.

A study performed by Christopher Miller, M.D., from the University of Pennsylvania, evaluated the 20 best-selling scar reduction products found on Of all the “active ingredients” – from purified water, glycerin, onion extract, polyethylene glycol, vitamin A, Vitamin C – only silicone gel actually showed improvement.

So where does this leave the scar? At the Laser Center of Maryland we treat all incisions – no matter the size- with multiple pulsed dye laser sessions. This laser flattens the scar and reduces redness in as little as 2 treatments! We typically treat incisions at two and six weeks after surgery to minimize any hypertrophic scars. This unique treatment is standard care for all of our surgical procedures!

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