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Protecting your skin from the hot summer sun!

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The importance of using sunscreen to protect your skin has been well studied. But research is now showing that topical antioxidants may play an equally important role in maintaining healthy skin. Sunscreens block UV rays, but unfortunately they do not block all UV rays. Furthermore, many common sunscreen ingredients which absorb or reflect UV rays are prone to breakdown with prolonged sun exposure. This leaves the skin vulnerable and in need of something more. Enter topical antioxidants. Here is our all-star list of antioxidants.

Resveratrol – found in berries, peanuts, grapes and cocoa resveratrol applied topically prior to UV exposure can inhibit the production of hydrogen peroxide radicals which lead to premature aging and sun damage and skin cancers

Green Tea – derived from the camellia plant, green tea applied to the skin immediately after sun exposure can reverse the consequences of UV induced skin damage

Genistein – prevalent in soybeans, this polyphenol effectively increases the activity of the skins naturally occurring antioxidants.

Coffea Arabica Extract – commonly known as coffeeberry, is derive from the coffea arabica plant. Although the exact mechanism of action is not known, studies have shown that this antioxidant is capable of suppressing numerous free radicals.

Caffeine – In addition to being a potent antioxidant itself, caffeine is believed to be a key element in the antioxidant functions of some of the other antioxidants on this list, including coffea arabica, cocoa seed extract and green tea. Applying caffeine to the skin’s surface may decrease UV-induced skin cancers.

L-ascorbic Acid– the only true bioavailable form of vitamin C that provides all of vitamin C’s topical benefits, topically applied L-ascorbic acid serves as a multi-functional antioxidant.

So, there is a brief list of some of the most important antioxidants for your skin and where they come from. Remember they don’t replace your sunscreen, but when used in combination they can limit aging and damage of the skin. To find out more about what skin care products are right for you call the Laser Center of Maryland at 410-544-4600 for a free consultation!

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