Aging Reversal

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenates skin!

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By Kathleen Dennis, Corporate Communications

Spinning blood in a centrifuge forms PRP. This technical operation causes the blood to separate into its different components.   A clinician takes a small amount of blood to obtain the necessary amount of platelet rich plasma (thin serum). Numerous studies show that platelets aid in wound healing, cause tissues to regenerate, and contain growth factors that cause cellular rejuvenation. You do not have to worry about rejection, or an allergic reaction because the product comes from your own natural biology.


Over the last decade, PRP has been used in orthopedics, sports medicine, surgery, and in dentistry because it helps to speed healing. Daniella Duke, MD says that cosmetic physicians now use PRP to fight wrinkles and to improve volume, tightness, and texture. It can be injected into the face, neck décolletage, and hands.

PRP is commonly injected under wrinkly and saggy areas of the skin, but it is also applied to skin that is freshly lasered. One exciting method is to treat the face and neck with ProFractional Laser treatment, followed by direct application of PRP to treated skin.   Laser treatment opens up micro-channels in the skin so that PRP can deeply absorb into treated areas. The doctor then injects the remaining product into areas most in need of treatment. This double rejuvenation with laser treatment and PRP heals fast because of the repairing factors in Protein Rich Plasma. Downtime is minimal.

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