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Mole Removal

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Beauty standards can be fickle. What’s in today, is out tomorrow. I recently noticed a variety of online products which claim to remove unwanted moles and freckles. Various sites on the internet promise to erase your unsightly mole with ointments and creams. It seems what many people once found cosmetically desirable (think Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe) is now being cast aside as nothing but an ugly mole.
The average person has between 10 and 50 moles. They come in all shapes and sizes, and may be pigmented (these have a higher concentration of melanocytes). Moles may also be congenital (arising at birth) or acquired (developing later in life). It is important to remember that any mole which changes size, color or becomes irritated should be biopsied prior to considering removal.
Moles can be removed by a variety of methods. Surgery involves cutting the mole out with a scalpel. While effective, this treatment will result in a scar. Topical ointments are less effective, and often take months to work. Additionally, the ointments are often acid based, and can injure surrounding skin resulting in scarring. Here at the Laser Center of Maryland we prefer to remove moles using an operating microscope attached to a laser. This allows us to safely vaporize the mole, without damaging the surrounding or underlying tissue. The cosmetic result is excellent, and no stitches are needed.
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