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miraDry Treatment Permanently Stops Underarm Sweat

By February 28, 2015 No Comments
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FDA cleared miraDry eliminates sweat, odor, yellow stains, and deodorant marks on favorite clothing. The treatment carefully targets, heats and disables sweat glands resulting in immediate and permanent results. Physicians use a new generation of microwave energy to perform this non-invasive office procedure.

Treatment takes about one hour from start to finish. The doctor numbs each armpit with lidocaine before treatment. Most people find the treatment to be comfortable and uncomplicated. Downtime is minimal and normal activities can usually be resumed directly after treatment.

Side effects such as mild swelling and soreness respond well to icepacks and Motrin. On the flip side, once symptoms resolve, you are sweat free!

The Laser Center of Maryland offers this effective treatment. Free consultations.            Call 410-544-4600.