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We Give Cellulite the Laser Treatment

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Ever thought of laser treatment for cellulite? Just about every woman has some amount of cellulite. No matter what shape you’re in, you have cellulite. That’s because the cause of cellulite is misunderstood. People think it has to do with fat, but it has to do with anatomy and the way women’s fibrous connective bands under the skin work. Because of that, even a skinny woman can have cellulite.

But we take on that cellulite at the Laser Center of Maryland. We use laser energy to solve cellulite with the CelluSmooth treatment. CelluSmooth is a long-lasting solution to cellulite that addresses the actual underlying factors that cause skin dimpling.

Why does cellulite form?

Women have cellulite and men don’t due to differences in anatomy. Whereas men have fibrous bands under their skin that run in a more horizontal pattern, women have bands that are vertical. These vertical bands trap areas of fat and pull the skin downward where they connect, creating a dimpled pattern on the skin above. If a woman has excess fat in an area such as the thighs, the vertical banding accentuates it, creating even more upward pressure and dimpling. Also, many women have a thin dermis layer (the second layer of the skin under the epidermis), so the fat layer’s (the third layer of the skin) lumpiness can show itself through the dermis onto the surface.

How does CelluSmooth stop the dimpling?

CelluSmooth was introduced in 2013 by the Sciton company, maker of many aesthetic lasers and other medical lasers. The system delivers 1319 nm laser wavelengths in three modes to address telltale dimpling and lumpy skin caused by underlying cellulite.

  • First mode— In this mode, the laser severs the fibrous bands that both pull downward on the skin and segment fat into pockets. This release lessens the appearance of dimples on the skin surface.
  • Melt mode— The laser is then used to melt underlying fat. This lessens the fat that is pushing upwards, creating dimpling on the skin surface.
  • Tighten mode— Finally, the laser heats the underside of the dermis layer. This heat causes the dermis to coagulate, triggering a wound response in the body that tightens and smoothes the dermis, again smoothing the skin on the surface.

What does Laser Treatment for cellulite feel like?

We provide local anesthesia during your CelluSmooth treatment, so you’ll be comfortable. We often also provide you with an oral sedative to keep you relaxed during the one- to the two-hour procedure. Afterward, you will have some soreness and achiness for a few days, but Advil or Motrin handle this. There will probably be some bruising, too. You can return to most activities immediately, but the gym needs to wait a couple of weeks.

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