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Fix your earlobes (Santa might even bring you new earrings!)

By November 5, 2014 No Comments

Holidays and earlobe repair. Sound like an unlikely combination? This is the time of year when we see an influx of clients with torn, stretched or damaged earlobes. Earlobe repair is a simple procedure, which restores damaged earlobes and allows our clients to begin wearing earrings again. The procedure takes about 20 minutes per ear and can correct larger openings and even complete tears. Ears can be re-pierced 3 weeks after surgery. Scarring is minimized with our complimentary post procedure laser therapy.  Best of all, the price is reasonable.  Whether you want to complete your holiday look with your favorite set of earrings, or hope Santa leaves you something special under the tree, let the Laser Center of Maryland help you ring in the holiday season. Call 410-544-4600.