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Feed your face: a guide to foods your skin will love!

By June 20, 2014 No Comments
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Eating well has many health benefits. Often overlooked are the effects food has on your skin. Below are a few of our favorites which just happen to promote healthy skin. Bon appetite!
Dark Chocolate – Not just any chocolate will do. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, potent antioxidants which can help your skin looking young. To get significant levels the chocolate should be at least 70 percent cacao.
Pomegranates – Packed with polyphenol antioxidants pomegranates are now being used in anti-aging creams to help smooth lines and moisturize skin. Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice is one way to increase intake of this valuable antioxidant.
Walnuts and almonds – Contain omega-3 essential fatty acids with can improve skin’s elasticity. The nuts are also rich in copper, a mineral needed for collagen production.
Bell peppers – Yellow, orange and red peppers contain carotenoids, an antioxidant. Studies have shown that these antioxidants can decrease the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.
Sunflower seeds – These small seeds pack a big punch. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, sunflower seeds can help keep your skin supple.
Kidney Beans – Studies have some a correlation between blemishes and low zinc levels. These beans are a great source of zinc and may just help clear those blemishes from your skin.
Oysters – Aphrodisiac or not, your skin will love the effects of a diet including oysters. As a rich source of zinc, oysters may also help fight acne. Zinc can also help boost elastin (the skin’s elastic protein), leaving your skin feeling more youthful.
Avocados – Niacin (vitamin B3), is especially important for healthy skin, and is found in abundance in avocados. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help sooth irritated skin. One avocado has almost 30% of your daily niacin need.
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