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Customized laser tattoo removal

By February 20, 2014 No Comments

tattoo removal | maryland tattoo removal | maryland At the Laser Center of Maryland, our doctors have several different lasers to remove tattoos.  This is to your benefit because they can choose which laser to use based on your skin type and the specific colors in your artwork.  Some lasers work better and are safer for people with darker skin tones. For example, we have the Ruby Laser, which removes resistant inks such as sky blue and green, and it’s safe for most skin types. Many facilities offering tattoo removal have just one machine with a one- size fits all approach. Tattoo treatments are typically spaced one month apart, but may be accelerated for those in the military. The laser beam breaks down the ink causing a fade out beginning with your first session.  Treatment is safe, fast and comfortable. Most tattoos require a minimum of six treatments to completely remove.  A tattoo with very vivid color may require additional treatments.  The good news is that laser treatment effectively removes them. Our doctors offer a free consultation to examine your tattoo, answer questions, and to design a customized treatment plan. Call us at (410) 544-4600 to see how we can help!