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Celebrity Tattoo Removal

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The popularity of Tattoos

Good, bad or just plain ugly, tattoos have become increasing common over the past decade. The internet is littered with stories about celebrities and their tattoos. But a few recent articles have noted that much of Hollywood may be bucking the tattoo trend.

Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Yahoo recently ran a story about Mark Wahlberg’s tattoo removal, and he’s not the only one in Hollywood looking to get rid of some ink. The list includes Charlie Sheen, Angelina Jolie, Billy bob Thornton, Brittney Spears, Tommy Lee, Kathy Griffin and Tony Danza. The most famous removal might be Johnny Depp, who after splitting with Winona Ryder lasered the “na” off his “Winona Forever” tattoo leaving a new slogan, “Wino Forever.” The list also includes rappers 50 Cent and Pharrell, as well as NBA players Tyson Chandler and Jamaal Maglorie.

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