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Bad Nutrition and Wrinkles

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A recent article in New You magazine (Fall/Winter 2001) discusses the link between junk food and wrinkles.  Excess sugar intake leads to the formation of advanced glycation end-products (abbreviated AGEs), according to the article.  End-products form when excess sugar in the blood stream attaches to proteins. The AGEs act as toxins, speeding up skin aging by increasing cell oxidation, triggering inflammation and decreasing skin elasticity.  The result:  Wrinkles.

Skimping on nutrient rich food also accelerates aging by forcing the body to neglect DNA repair, a vital part of maintaining youthful skin.  Dr. Bruce Ames, a molecular geneticist, has shown that low vitamin K actually accelerates the aging process in mice. By eating a diet high in nutrients and antioxidants the body has adequate reserves to repair damaged DNA and minimize the aging process.
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