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Artefill immediately corrects deep facial creases and gives lift to sagging cheeks

By December 8, 2014 No Comments
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Artefill/Bellefill stands apart from other dermal fillers in its ability to deliver long-term results.    It gives immediate improvement to deep wrinkles, and supportive lift to sagging cheeks.  Common areas to treat are the nasolabial creases that run from the nose to the mouth.  These lines deepen with age, but they correct instantly with application of Artefill.  Better yet, these corrections last for up to five years.  Many doctors use this product to build and lend support to the mid face and cheekbones.  The long-term effectiveness of this product makes it a natural for improving saggy thin skin.  Artefill has a good track record for clinical studies on effectiveness and safety.

Some people wonder about the cost involved with an Artefill liquid facelift.  Other fillers last six to eighteen months.  You quickly spend more than Artefill if you keep up your corrections with products that have a shorter-term improvement.  All dermal fillers show how beautifully and instantly they repair drooping and facial creases.  It is one way to improve your look without significant downtime.

Our doctors offer Artefill and other excellent dermal fillers at the Laser Center of Maryland.  Check out our December 11 Artefill Event from 4-6 p.m.  You will learn how this lovely product enhances your natural look.  Attendance on that day makes you eligible for a significant discount in price.  Call 410.544.4600 to find out more