All Month Specials

Liquid Gold Crush | $100 off

Now with Dysport, Dermal Filler, & Vitamin C!

Our clinicians offer a new twist to their Liquid Gold facials by micro-needling Vitamin C + Dysport + dermal filler into the top most layers of your skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for fighting sun damage and improving wrinkles. Your skin will be refreshed with increased volume, reduced wrinkles and a decrease in pore size.

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Liquid Gold Cosmo | $100 off

Now with Dysport, Dermal Filler, & Vitamin C!

The Cosmopolitan Liquid Gold Facial microneedles Vitamin B12 into your skin along with Dysport and dermal filler.  You get small amounts of  Dysport (neurotoxin), dermal filler, and B12 placed into the top most layers of your skin to plump, smooth, and revitalize your look.  Vitamin B12 supports cell production in the skin and sufficient amounts are needed for healthy hair, skin, & nails.  The addition  of B12 will help to reduce hyperpigmentation.  Treatment is available this August at a  $100 discount.   

**Join our Liquid Gold Facial Club**

Ask about our Liquid Gold Facial Club where you get four facials of your choice at a $50 discount/treatment. Get refreshed for all of the seasons!

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Intracel Micro-needling | $200 off

Intracel micro-needling precisely delivers  radio-frequency energy into the skin via tiny hair like needles. Treatment effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks, and tightens lax skin. One treatment will give you results, but THREE treatments give the most significant results. It is safe and effective care for ALL skin types.

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